On behalf of the International Dart Association and the Aruba Tourism Authority welcome to the Aruba Dart18 Worlds 2009 website with information about the organisation, the event, racing etc. We all hope to organize an excellent event for you in tropical sunny conditions.

About the organisation

The Dart18 Worlds 2009 will be organised by Edwin Lodder (since 2001 owner of Discover BV and Sailing Management International) in association with the International Dart Association, the Aruba Sailing Association and Aruba Tourism Authority. 18 Years experience in organising the Aruba Heineken Regatta, Round Texel Race, North Sea Regatta, World Championship Cadet 2008, European Youth Championships 420 & 470 etc. will be the basis for an excellent Dart 18 Worldchampionship 2009. And Aruba is an excellent destination with very good sailing conditions, 32 degrees, beautiful beaches and great hospitality.